Summer Activities That Won’t Break The Bank

If you are like most college students, you look forward to the relaxation and warm weather that comes with summer break. However, if you are on a budget it may be disheartening to not be able to go on extravagant vacations like your friends.

It may not be the beach or traveling to another country but here is a list of budget-friendly ideas around Bowling Green to fill up your summer.


  • Bowling Green KOA Holiday

Beech Bend Park

  • Adult Admission – $37.99 
  • Child & Senior Admission – $31.99

Dinosaur World 40 min drive

  • $8 per person due to COVID-19


  • Shanty Hollow Trail (not pictured) – 40 min drive (free)
  • Lost River Cave – (hiking trails free)
    • Boat Tours
    • Adults (13 +) – $19.95
    • Youth (4-12) – $16.95

Children (3 and under) – $5.95

Mammoth Cave

  • Various tours
  • Adults – $17.00
  • Youth (6-12) – $12.00


  • Franklin Drive In – 30 min drive
  • $15 per carload per movie

Escape Rooms (not pictured)

  • Price varies


  • Corvette Museum
  • NCM Motorsports Park – Go Karts
    • Temporarily closed due to COVID-19
    • $20 per race + $5 per passenger

Historic Rail Park and Train Museum (not pictured)

  • Temporarily closed due to COVID-19
  • Adult – $14
  • Senior – $12
  • Child – $8

Aviation Heritage Park

  • Free

Riverview at Hobson Grove

  • Temporarily closed due to COVID-19
    • Adults – $7.00
    • Family – $14.00
    • Students K-12th grade – $2.50
    • Children under 6 – free
    • Veterans – $5.00

Baker Arboretum & Downing Museum

Hot Rods Stadium

  • Availability may vary due to COVID-19

Scavenger Hunt

  • Geocaching
  • Let’s Roam Bowling Green Scavenger Hunt: The Hills Are Alive!
  • Adults – $12.31

4 Benefits to Having a Financial Plan

Money can be a taboo topic, yet, we all think about the need to have a plan for our money. Few seem to make it happen. In a recent 2018 study by an investment company, Charles Schwab, it was discovered that 3 in 5 people are living paycheck and only 1 and 4 people have a written financial plan. I would suggest it is not surprising to discover that more than 50% of people are living paycheck to paycheck when only 25% have a plan. Having a financial plan is an absolute game changer. Here are 4 benefits.

1) Maximize the use of your income and accumulate wealth.

When you have a good plan you able make your income go farther, increase your wealth and over time make your money work for you. This happens through breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle and paying yourself through savings and investing.

2) Control your expenses.

When you have a good plan it gives you a lens which through you can make prudent spending and saving decisions. Some might say it means that it removes the opportunity for fun. I would argue just the opposite. I would argue that controlling you expenses enables fun without financial disaster, buyer’s remorse later, and anxiety that comes from a low bank account.

Living below your means by controlling your expenses will produce a much greater financial reward in the years come.

3) Reach Your Version of Financial Success.

Having a plan will be the only way you reach financial success. Each and every individual’s version of Financial Success is going to be different. However, it is important to know what you envision financial success looking like for you and then make it happen! Make sure it is your vision and no one else. If it is not yours, it will not make you happy.

4) For those that desire: the empowerment to give back. 

It can be hard to give back financially to your community, preferred charitable non-profit organization, or religious entity of choice without a plan that is keeping you thriving financially. Many people want to give back, but do not have the means to do so. Planning now will enable you to give back now and give back even more later!

If you you would like help building a plan that helps you reach financial success visit our website at and fill out our become a client form! We look forward to coming alongside you in your journey to financial success!

Financial Wellness Checklist for Graduating Seniors

It is almost graduation! While graduation is an exciting time, it can also be overwhelming to be thrown out into the “real world”. Getting your financial life in order can help you to feel more prepared for the next chapter in your life. Although this post is geared toward graduating seniors, it is helpful for anyone.

I also want to add that our counselors are here for you. Visit us before graduation and let us help you start post-grad life off on the right foot!

I have compiled a neat checklist for you to follow along with. This list is not exhaustive, but is a great start!

Graduating Senior Financial Checklist:

  • Create an online log-in with your student loan servicer
  • Set-up an appropriate repayment plan for your student loans
  • Open a checking account with no minimum balance and no monthly fees
  • Open a high-yield savings account to store emergency fund and other intermediate-term savings
  • Perform a credit well check- consider opening a credit card if you do not already have one
  • Read your employee benefits- if you are starting your career, spend some time studying your new benefits
  • Create a written budget
  • Start saving for retirement- utilize your employer match if you are starting your career, or consider opening a Roth IRA
  • Write out your short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term financial goals

The WKU Center for Financial Success has resources explaining how to accomplish these items here:

Our counselors can also walk you through this checklist and have you leaving WKU empowered and excited for the road ahead!

Visit our website to set up an appointment: